26 Sep

Product description:

The perfect way to mix up your pup’s snacking! Made in a human facility, these light and puffy treats aren’t made with corn, they’re made with a special blend of Pearled Sorghum, Rice and Navy beans. Perfect for training or treating your pups!

  • 4oz bag of Bark Pop dog treats contains approximately 100 treats
  • Delicious and nutritious – see back of packaging for guaranteed analysis
  • Wheat Free, made with a healthy blend of pearled sorghum, rice, navy beans and non-GMO sunflower oil
  • USA made in a human facility continuously monitored by the USDA

Consumer feedback:

  • Over 88% of customers are extremely satisfied with the product and gave it a five star rating. It is a delicious low calorie treat, often compared to “cheese puffs”, that your pet will gladly crunch away.
  • Less than 4% of customers gave this product a four star rating with the main complaint being the price to quantity difference.
  • Less than 2% of customers gave this product a one star rating due to provoking an upset stomach in their pets. Looking closely at their feedback, the customers in question, gave this treat to pets younger than 7 months.

Overall, it’s safe to say BIXBI Bark Pops is a safe, healthy, and delicious treat for your adult pet. As a recommendation and to be on the safe side, don’t feed these to your puppy. Most puppies have sensitive stomachs, and as delicious a “cheese puff” can be to them, diarrhea won’t be for you or your carpet.

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