15 Jun

There are just some things about our dogs’ health that leave almost every dog owner scratching their head and wondering, “Well, what do I do now?”. Below are some of the most common dog health questions that are asked by dog owners, along with how you can help or cure the issue.

Insect Bites and Bee Stings

Being the curious and inquisitive creatures that they are, dogs are prone to a load of random insect bites and bee stings. One of the most common of the dog health questions is, “How can I help relieve the pain and itchiness of an insect bite or sting?” Some of the best ways you can begin relieving any insect bite or sting symptoms include the use of one of the following:

– Baking soda (make a paste and apply it to the bite or sting several times a day)
– A meat tenderizer (the enzymes help break down the poison that is causing the itching and burning sensation your dog feels)
– Aloe Vera (a natural soothing agent
– Manuka honey (antibacterial and it will heal the wound faster than anything else
– Cold compress (this will help lessen the swelling and reduce the pain)

If your dog is suffering from dog fleas, then you will also want to take preventative measures from this happening again, such as putting your dog on a preventative medication.

Ear Mites

One of the most common dog health questions out there is “How do I get rid of my dog’s ear mites?” Dog ear mites are often mistaken as a dog ear infection. If you have discovered that your dog has ear mites, then you must:

– Clean off the whole crusty layer of debris that will be inside your dog’s ears. You can do this using mineral oil in a dropper
– Apply medication that you obtain from your veterinarian’s office.

Dog Pregnancy

If you have a pregnant pooch, there’s a good chance that you have plenty of dog health questions. Here are some of the top dog health questions about pregnancy answered:

“Fading Puppy” Syndrome: This is when the puppy may appear to be healthy and normal at birth, yet several hours later it appears to be cold, and is crying or whimpering by itself. Mother dogs may not willingly take the puppy, which means that you will need to be the “mother” for this dog and feed it, as well as provide warmth.

Anemia: Anemia is the result of a nutritional deficiency curing the mother dog’s pregnancy. The mom and pups are almost always both anemic. Ask your veterinarian for appropriate supplements for the dogs.


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