Natuvalle 6-in-1 Pet Carrier Backpack

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Super Sturdy Patented Flexible Frames to Protect Your Pet from Getting Crushed When Lifting the Carrier. Comfortable, Spacious & Higher than Most Pet Carriers Online. High Ventilation. 4 High Quality Meshes to Secure Maximum Air Ventilation for Your Pet.
Backpack Straps & Front Pack Straps for Use on Your Back or Front (Removable). Shoulder Strap Padded, No-slip, Adjustable (Removable). Chest Straps to Keep Your Backpack Strap from Sliding off Your Shoulder. Handle Straps with Padded Handgrip (Removable).
Seat Belt Loops to Keep Your Pet Secure in the Car, Cab, Bus, Train, Ferry, Plane, Trolley Etc. Walk Through Doors. No Need to Push Your Pet in or Pull It out Backwards -simply Let Your Pet Walk in and Walk out of Your Dog Carrier, Cat Carrier. Easy Storage. Folds to about 2″ (5 Cm) for Easy Storage.


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