Glucosamine for Dogs – All Natural Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM & Tart Cherry is The Best Joint Supplement to Relieve Hip & Joint Pain – Tasty Chewable Tablets Your Dog Will Love – Made in The USA

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THEY WILL THINK IT’S A TREAT – Your dog will love the taste of our all-natural joint supplement. Our glucosamine cushions and lubricates the joints. Chondroitin absorbs fluid into the connective tissue and it provides the building blocks to produce new cartilage. MSM acts as an anti-inflammatory and is a natural analgesic, blocking pain impulses. Dark Cherry is a natural anti-inflammatory helping to soothe stiff and painful joints.
YOUR DOG WILL ACT LIKE A PUPPY AGAIN – Our extra strength joint supplement for dogs effectively helps to soothe joint pain brought on by arthritis, hip dysplasia, injury, and old age.
GET UP AND DOWN STAIRS WITH EASE – Our unique blend of all natural ingredients will help to restore and rejuvenate hip & joint cartilage while acting as an anti inflammatory to ease their pain – Naturally. A natural alternative to harmful prescription medication.